The Planas Crest is the same basic shape as the Ed Parker Crest, but it has been changed to look more like a shield.
The weapons form the shape of a triangle, again to symbolize the Filipino side of the art.  The triangle is not closed, so knowledge can enter at any point.
The Shape
The color black inside the Planas Crest symbolizes the passing of SGM Ed Parker, the founder of American Kenpo. 

The gold border symbolizes the highest standard, the gold standard. 

The color silver present in the blades symbolize the Yin & Yang and also symbolize Mr. Planas' 25th year in the Kenpo System; the same year the patch was created.

The color red represents the color of blood; in this case Filipino blood, Mr. Planas' heritage.  The color is present in the "K", which stands for both Kenpo and Kali. The red is also present in the circle.
The Colors
The Weapons
The "x" has been given emphasize rather than the "+" as in the Ed Parker Crest because these angles are the ones we, as Kenpo practitioners, use the most.
The Angles
Planas Crest