Huk's Famous Fish And Trips
Huk and BB King at the Jazz fest in New Orleans.
Huk and James Burton.
Huk's sixty pound King Salmon caught in the Kenai River of Alaska.
Huk and Mike Murphy
Huk and Frank Trejo in the studio recording.
Huk and Ted Tabura in Hawaii.
Huk at Happa's in Hawaii with Willie K and the gang.
Huk playing with Harry Troupe in the Terrace Bar of the Sands of Kahana Resort in Maui, Hawaii.
Huk and Dan Inosanto.
Huk relaxing at the Hilton on the Big Island in Kona, Hawaii.
Huk at the Great Jaguar Temple in Tekal, Guatemala.
Huk and Jorge Porres in Tikal, the oldest Mayan Ruins.
Huk at the Acropolis in 2004.
Man of many travels.
The Acropolis.
Huk with a 35 pound King Salmon caught in the Sacramento River in Chico, September 19th, 2005.
Huk fly fishing for Sockeye Salmon on the Kenai River in Alaska, August 2005.
Huk and the last king Salmon he caught in Chico, CA on September 18, 2006. It is 39" long about 40 pounds.
Huk standing between two volcanos at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
Huk at the top of the St. Louis Arch.
Huk at the St. Louis Arch on March 26th, 2006.
Huk playing with Harry Troupe in Hawaii at the new Jacks Terrace in Lahaina.
Welcome to.....  Central Guatemala.
Jason Arnold, Ingmar, Huk and Giovanni Policastro at the Colosseum.
Huk at the Colosseum.
Huk on top of the Vatican.
The 8 Angles of the Vatican.
Huk at Little Round Top in Gettysburg, PA on the 143rd Anniversary of the Battle.
Huk at the Axe Company in Norrköping, Sweden forging a Damascus knife.
Huk at the Axe Company in Norrköping, Sweden forging an axe.
Huk in Pasadena at Frank's party after the Internationals.
Huk at the Temple of Poseidon in Athens.
Jet Set.
A Lake Erie Steel Head with Joe Doyle.
Huk and a King Salmon he caught in Lake Ontario on September 7th, 2006.
Huk and his brother at the Original Martin Guitar factory in Nazareth, PA.
Sergio Jódar, Huk Planas and Ingmar Johansson in Toledo, Spain 2007.
Sergio Jódar and Huk Planas in Toledo, Spain 2007.
Huk and Sascha Berning from Germany.
Two Coins in a Fountain.
Huk and brother Ed with Salmon caught with old fishing buddy Bob Barber and son Tommy on the way to Kenpo Camp in Redding.
Jim Leete and Huk Planas at the Burnside Bridge, where thousands of soldiers died in the Civil War.
Huk Planas at Antietam.
Huk and Richard Tamousian in 2008 after Boar hunting.
Huk during his 2009 Boar hunting trip in Texas at Winchester Ridge.
Pheasant, Chucker & Quail hunting in twenty degree weather.
Quail hunting in Arizona with Greg Medford.