Grandmaster Richard "Huk" Planas presents his 2004 instructional DVD on the Two Man Set.

Filmed in Sweden with the assistance of Mr. Ingmar Johansson, this high quality video covers all of the intricacies of this important set in the Ed Parker's Kenpo System..   

Mr. Planas also highlights some upcoming projects as well, including; his soon to be released Problem Techniques DVD.

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The Kenpo Forms DVD Collection
Grandmaster Richard "Huk" Planas proudly presents his original video series now on DVD!

This thirteen DVD collection is considered to be the most extensive look into the forms of the Kenpo System.

 Known as the "Instructor's Instructor", Mr. Planas will take you through the essential basics and family groupings of techniques as well as all the Kenpo forms from Short Form One through Long Form Six.

You can purchase the entire collection or you can purchase each individual DVD.  The collection includes-
Two Man Set
Volume 1:  Beginning Basics and Fundamentals of Kenpo
Volume 2:  Yellow Belt Techniques and Family Groupings
Volume 3:  Short Form 1 and Long Form 1
Volume 4:  Short Form 2 and Finger Set
Volume 5:  Long Form 2
Volume 6:  Short Form 3
Volume 7:  Long Form 3
Volume 8:  Form 4 (Part 1)
Volume 9:  Form 4 (Part 2)
Volume 10:  Form 5 (Part 1)
Volume 11:  Form 5 (Part 2)
Volume 12:  Form 6 (Part 1)
Volume 13:  Form 6 (Part 2)

Huk's Personal Collections


Mr. Huk has around one hundred guitars in his collection, so if you're looking for a specific guitar, please click here to contact him.  In addition to his guitar collection, Mr. Huk has an extensive collection of high-quality, Austrian kangaroo hide stock whips and bull whips.

If you have an "Indy-like" expedition to parts unknown or just to your backyard, contact Mr. Huk!
Mr. Huk is currently selling items from his own, personal collection of guitars, whips and more!
Parker/ Planas Lineage T-Shirt
Mr. Huk's Parker/ Planas Lineage T-Shirt is once again available!

The cost of the t-shirt  is $20.00.

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Grandmaster Planas recently released his first volume of "Problem Techniques" in the Ed Parker's Kenpo System.

This one hour DVD includes in-depth instruction and explanations on the commonly misunderstood self-defense techniques; Shield and Mace, Reversing Mace, Encounter With Danger, Snapping Twig, Leaping Crane, and Glancing Wing.

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Problem Techniques DVD Now Available
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